IT Asset Recovery

Our sustainable circular-economy solutions effectively address the challenges of ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by promoting product reuse and reducing the carbon footprint.

Plurium Technologies offers ITAD programs, providing a comprehensive range of IT asset recovery solutions, including secure data destruction, uninstallation, disposal, and buy-back services.

We deliver tailor-made, seamless and secure solutions to facilitate IT hardware disposal, with a focus on budget optimisation and financial efficiency through the buy-back of used assets.





Sustainable IT Asset Recovery Solutions


Maximise the residual value of your hardware with our buy-back services for used IT infrastructure assets. We focus on remarketing opportunities worldwide to aim for cash-positive returns for asset disposal services.


Our logistics solutions include collection, packing, transport and delivery of used IT hardware for both domestic and international shipping. We ensure the safe transportation of equipment so they can be reused.


Simplify IT asset disposal through inventory services for used IT hardware, ensuring efficient asset management and disposal processes. Time and resources are limited and your team can focus on their primary job.


Responsible disposal of e-waste is our priority. We work exclusively with compliant and certified recycling partners to avoid landfill and ensure environmentally friendly practices.

Secure Data Destruction

We ensure compliance with certified data destruction processes. All information is destroyed following a strict secure chain of custody. Flexible options include onsite or offsite, data wiping, degaussing or shredding.

Certificates and Reports

hare your compliance requirements with us to receive certificates or reports to guarantee the receipt, proper handling and processing of assets and critical data.


Uninstallation services help save time and resources by handling unracking, packing and disposal of used hardware. Share your needs and we will schedule and allocate resources for you.