Hardware Resale

We supply new and pre-owned networking hardware to industry leaders, from telecom operators and service providers to data centres and large enterprises.

Complementing supplies from the usual distribution channel offers numerous benefits. Our lifecycle solutions not only help our clients optimise their budget and reduce their carbon footprint but also maintain flexibility and enhance their operations.

The Preferred Choice of Industry Leader

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Choosing refurbished IT hardware is a powerful environmental choice. By extending product lifespans and preventing e-waste, committing to source refurbished equipment significantly reduces carbon footprint, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly IT ecosystem.

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EOS Still Available

We keep in our stocks products and spare parts that are discontinued by vendors (EOL products), making possible to extend IT assets lifecycle, and to maintain legacy infrastructure longer. Using both new and pre-owned equipment puts the control of your infrastructure back in your hands.

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Pre-owned hardware is highly financially effective, with refurbished products often available at prices up to 90% lower or more than brand-new alternatives. Including refurbished hardware in the purchasing mix significantly impacts both capital expenditures and operating expenses.

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Faster Delivery

When usual distributors face delays or shortages, we provide faster access to new or refurbished products. Plurium Technologies maintains a stock of thousands of different product references globally and has an extensive network of trusted partners to ensure swift delivery.

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As Good As New

Our proven testing procedures and high-quality refurbishing processes ensure the delivery of premium products and spare parts. Our customers are not only fully confident with our products but also fully satisfied by the reliability of our after-sales services.

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Temporary Solutions

Whether for relocation projects or short-term requirements, our tailored rental solutions ensure access to cutting-edge technology without the long-term commitment. Enhancing operational flexibility and optimising limited resources for success.