Lifecycle Services

Navigate every phase of your IT assets’ lifecycle seamlessly with our various services.

From optimising asset availability and profitability during operational life through asset management services, refurbishing and repair, to ensuring secure and eco-friendly asset retirement with data destruction, buy-back and ITAD solutions.

Trust us for a tailored lifecycle management services aligned with your unique needs.

What Can We Do for You?

Asset Management

Maximise productivity and cost-effectiveness by streamlining online asset tracking, storage, and utilisation with our asset management services.


Responsibly dispose of IT assets, reduce e-waste, and support environmental sustainability with our eco-friendly recycling services.


Enhance operational flexibility and reduce costs with our short-term IT rental solutions – ideal for temporary needs.

Buy-back Solutions

Monetise your used IT assets through our buy-back solutions, ensuring financial efficiency and environmental responsibility.


Save costs and reduce e-waste with our expert refurbishing services. Your IT assets are ready to redeploy.

International Logistics

Facilitating global logistics, our services enable seamless shipping and retrieval of IT assets to and from other countries.


Expert repairs with minimal downtime. We offer reliable services to keep your operations running seamlessly.

Data Destruction

Ensure data security with our certified destruction services, protecting your sensitive information and maintaining compliance.

ITAD Services

Retire old IT assets is made easy with our seamless ITAD services - offering uninstallation, inventory counting, collection, and disposal